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From starring as Sookie St. James in television's hit comedy Gilmore Girls to sucking up spirits in 2016's all-female remake of the cult classic hit Ghostbusters, actress Melissa McCarthy has proven that she's equally talented as a comedian and a silver screen star. Now, McCarthy can add another accomplishment to her long resume: keto success story! The actress recently debuted her dramatic weight loss on an episode of The Ellen Show while promoting her new upcoming film, Life of the Party.

A chance for reinvention

In Life of the Party, McCarthy plays Deanna, a woman who decides to make a change in her life and head back to college in her 40's despite the fact that she's already a mother. In an interview, McCarthy stated that one of her favorite things about the new film was the opportunity to show women that it's never too late to make a change in their lives for the better. McCarthy even joked that she hopes that when she's 92 years old, she'll still be considering heading back to college herself!

“I really like the idea of showing somebody challenging herself and reinventing herself at my age. Because why not?!”

Getting healthy through keto

Just like Deanna reinvents herself by continuing her education, McCarthy had to “reinvent” her diet to drop the weight before filming her next blockbuster. She chose to follow the ketogenic diet to shed pounds quickly. Often referred to as “keto,” this popular diet involves enjoying foods that are high in fats and protein while limiting carbohydrate intake. Instead of starving yourself and endlessly counting every calorie, keto involves eating plenty of foods that keep you feeling full and satisfied. That means that it's safe to say that McCarthy enjoyed things like juicy grilled chicken and bacon while getting her figure ready for her next movie!

The ketogenic diet is notorious for helping drop weight quickly, making it the perfect choice for an actress who needs to get in shape for an upcoming stint on set. In fact, McCarthy even called the 75-pound weight loss the “best thing” that she has ever done for herself. The silver screen star also confirmed that to help her keep the weight off, she also stuck to an exercise regime with the help of her husband and co-star Ben Falcone. As she stepped on stage on The Ellen Show, McCarthy radiated confidence that can only come from feeling fresh, healthy, and inspired– all thanks to keto!

Can keto help you lose weight as well?

Looking to take a cue from Melissa and get started with a ketogenic diet yourself? It might be easier than you're imagining! To begin, visit and check out tons of recipes for low-carb desserts, dinners, side dishes, and everything in between! With a healthy exercise regime and easy-to-follow ketogenic recipes at your disposal, you'll be on your way to looking and feeling healthier– just like America's favorite famous funny girl!

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