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Smart Mirrors to Make Fitness Fun and Convenient

Have trouble hitting the gym in the morning? Do you want to work out, but are uncomfortable exercising in front of strangers? New York-based startup Mirror is quickly solving that problem. The virtual fitness company obtained $13 million in funding to create a smart mirror fitness platform.1 This program will turn users’ full-length mirrors into a gym, complete with workout routines and one-on-one training programs.

Though more details are forthcoming, Mirror will offer additional fitness content like simulations, health advice, and health monitoring. Founder Brynn Putnam sees Mirror’s mirror as the next stage in at-home fitness. In the last few years, home fitness has really taken off. Mirror hopes to capitalize on this trend by offering a more personal touch to people’s home workout routines.

Tech Increasing Health

Mirror is the latest in a line of fitness technology on the market. From Fitbit to workout apps, there are hundreds of ways to keep track of regimens and health information. Collecting this data not only helps users see how effective a life change is. Interactive health tech has additional benefits. For example, fitness technology has been proven useful as an early detection device for diseases. It also is a strong motivator to take control of one’s fitness.

Many people have trouble taking the first steps in altering their lifestyles and habits. Health technology changes the game by providing an incentive to get moving. Additionally, most of these apps and devices gamify workouts, making them fun and rewarding. People like feeling they’re advancing in levels and health technology provides this experience, boosting the likelihood of meeting fitness goals.2  

Making Tech Work With Keto

Mirror’s innovative tech could be a boon for ketogenic dieters. Already, technology is harnessed by many who’ve gone keto to understand how their bodies are adjusting to the diet. One popular gadget is wearable glucose meters. These help wearers keep track of their insulin levels as they try to maintain lower levels while on the diet. Some opt instead for traditional prick test glucose monitors, but the principle of tracking insulin is the same.

Another popular keto tech choice are macro trackers. Macros refer to the macronutrients people consume: fat, protein, and carbs. On the keto diet, people increase their intake of healthy fats and decrease their carb intake. A macro tracker allows users to keep on top of their consumption to ensure they’re getting the nutrients they need from the right places. Macro tracking apps like Total Keto Diet make this easy and convenient to do.

General exercise apps are also popular with keto dieters. Many come to keto in hopes of managing their weight. Apps like Freeletics customize the exercise experience so it works best with the user's body type and lifestyle. Mirror’s new offering takes that concept further. With Mirror, users should be able to aggregate their data so the system can suggest holistic plans. This will give people a constructive, convenient workout, all from the comfort of their homes.

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