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    Keto Granola
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    Keto Granola
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Category - Articles

What Are Net Carbs?


The keto diet is centered around lowering your carb intake while increasing the amount of healthy fat you eat. To do this effectively, you need to track your carbs–but which ones do you count? Not all carbs are…

The Most Comprehensive Keto Alcohol Guide


How to Drink Alcohol on Keto One of the cornerstones of an effective keto diet is making it sustainable. While you don’t have to stay on keto forever, approaching it like you’re going to be on it long-term…

How to Measure Body Fat Percentage


Most people refer to their body size as a measurement of their weight: how many pounds show up when they set foot on a scale. This isn’t the most useful measurement, however, because it doesn’t tell us anything…

What Is Erythritol? The Keto Sugar Substitute


The Short Answer Erythritol is a common sweetener in ketogenic and diabetic diets. Specifically, it is a gluten-free, zero-calorie, and low-carb sugar replacement.1 It’s great for adding a touch of sweetness to keto-friendly baked goods of all kinds.…

How to Prevent the Keto Flu


What is the Keto Flu? The “keto flu” is the name given to a set of symptoms that some people experience when they first begin keto. Fortunately, this isn’t actually some version of influenza, and it isn’t contagious,…

Wholesome Keto Treats DELIVERED!

Articles, Current Events, News

Keto Cookies, Cakes & More – Delivered! If you live in Kissimmee, Florida – we’re super jealous! Wholesome Keto Treats has a groundbreaking and exciting restaurant that serves up the best keto treats out there! We recently placed…

Keto Heroes: Amanda Tysowski


All kinds of personal crises can set a spiraling weight gain in motion. For Amanda Tysowski, it started with a car crash that left her temporarily injured, jobless, stressed, and crumbling under the financial burden of a newly…

Keto Heroes: Jeremiah Peterson


For outdoors enthusiast and father of three Jeremiah Peterson, the realization that his weight was negatively affecting his life came while on a hike with his family last summer. While hiking through the mountains of Montana, Peterson found…

Keto Heroes: Cory Tchida


Georgetown residents who are looking to shed pounds ahead of the upcoming summer season have a weight-loss hero…right in their hometown! Assistant Police Chief Cory Tchida recently made himself a role model for his community by dropping over…

Keto Heroes: John Bausch


When it comes to losing weight, most Americans can stand to lose a few pounds. With an estimated two-thirds of Americans having a BMI that qualifies them as either overweight or obese, people from all walks of life…

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