When it comes to losing weight, most Americans can stand to lose a few pounds. With an estimated two-thirds of Americans having a BMI that qualifies them as either overweight or obese, people from all walks of life can find themselves stuck with health problems stemming from their excess pounds.1 One such American was John Bausch, a 31-year-old father and corporate security guard. Weighing in at 245 pounds, Bausch had an epiphany when he was vacationing in Florida and found himself out of breath and miserable, unable to keep up with his rambunctious six-year-old daughter Amelia. His wife was also in the same condition, and together, they decided that they needed to make serious changes to their diet and lifestyle if they wanted to avoid living on cholesterol for the rest of their lives.

After trying to lose weight for years and finding himself caught in a cycle of yo-yo dieting, Bausch eventually turned to the ketogenic diet. Today, he is down 70 pounds and continues to focus on improving his health through a low-carb diet. Read on to learn about how he overcame his initial struggles and went on to set a positive example for his young daughter!

A new diet and exercise routine

After returning home from Florida, Bausch and his wife committed themselves to researching diet plans and exercise routines that would help them drop the weight quickly. Settling on the ketogenic diet, the couple completely changed their eating habits to cut out the empty carbohydrates that had led them to weight gain. Once a massive foodie that loved to fill up on treats like slices of pizza and calzones, Bausch now enjoys cheesy eggs, salads, and lettuce-wrapped sandwiches.

Bausch also supplemented his new diet with a new workout routine. A self-confessed cardiophobe, Bausch focused on weightlifting, deadlifts, and squats in the gym. He even set up his own home gym so he could work out after work or on snowy days.

A rocky start

The biggest challenge for Bausch and his wife? Starting on the ketogenic diet and suffering through the “keto flu.”

“The first week, detoxing from the carbohydrates. Coming down from the carbohydrates, you almost feel like you have the flu. Your stomach hurts, you get headaches,” he said. “It’s nowhere near as bad as quitting smoking. After that first week, it’s absolutely easy.”

Thankfully, Bausch and his wife were there to support one another, and the couple eventually made it through a rough start to a new lifestyle.

Today's success story

Today, Bausch says that keto has positively influenced every aspect of his health. No longer miserable and prediabetic, he is able to run and play with his daughter once again. Bausch is currently down 70 pounds, weighing in at 175 pounds–proving that even with a family and a stressful job, anyone can lose weight by focusing on improving their diet and exercise! We at SoNourished are congratulating this father and mother duo for overcoming the temptation to quit in order to focus on what's really important…setting the right example for their daughter!


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