All kinds of personal crises can set a spiraling weight gain in motion. For Amanda Tysowski, it started with a car crash that left her temporarily injured, jobless, stressed, and crumbling under the financial burden of a newly purchased house.

“I fell into a slump,” she said, describing how she turned to junk food for comfort. Even after she hit 270 pounds, Amanda couldn’t face the warning signs. “The doctor lectured me on morbid obesity,” she said, “but I was in denial.”1

Discovering keto

Amanda hit her breaking point soon after the birth of her daughter in 2013, when she peaked at 385 pounds. For the next few years, she found some success working with a weight loss clinic, but her weight continued to fluctuate until the birth of her son in 2016. She gained 90 pounds in nine months, and when it was over, her old methods didn’t seem to stick.

That’s when she came across keto, soon realizing that she’d been flying blind when it came to serious weight loss strategies. “I had not learned anything about food or how to plan meals for myself,” she said. On a diet of mostly vegetables and meat, Amanda lost 100 pounds and regained her ability to exercise efficiently. More than that, she discovered the wide-ranging benefits of her new lifestyle. “I feel better mentally,” she says, and compares her new regimen to therapy.

Tried and tested

Once upon a time, the benefits of the keto diet were something of an open secret, but as the research piles up and the popularity of the diet increases with every passing year, it’s becoming less and less radical to jump on the keto train. From Amanda Tysowski to Kim Kardashian, there are thousands of public cases that show the clear-cut benefits of keto when it comes to weight loss. The best part is that you don’t just have to take their word for it: there's plenty of research showing the long-term effectiveness of keto for weight loss.2

Today, Amanda is down to 180 pounds and says she feels happier and healthier than ever. She’s lost a total of 205 pounds thanks to a keto revolution in her diet paired with regular exercise.

“You spend your entire life eating a lot of the same food,” she said, “so mentally, having to think outside of the box daily was a challenge until it became the new normal.” It’s true: finding that new normal is step number one for any successful keto dieter.


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