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Author - Ryan Mernin

California Pushes for Cigarette-Like Warning Labels on Soda

Current Events, News

There’s been another major breakthrough in the fight against big soda here in the United States. For years, the soda industry lobby has successfully beat back legislation designed to regulate the amount of sugar in its products and…

Is a Slowdown in Australia’s Sugar Consumption a Sign of More to Come?

Current Events, News

Desperate though the fight may be against the profit of Big Sugar, progress is being made as populations and governments around the world begin to recognize the high price to be paid for maintaining unhealthy diets like the…

Groundbreaking Study Says the Sugar Rush Doesn’t Exist

Diet, News

For all of the benefits of keto dieting, one thing it does not claim to do is offer instantaneous energy boosts for that pre-exam crunch time or hours-long car drive. Of course, that’s not to say that keto…

Is Drinking Water One Way to Cut Down on Soda?

News, Science

The last few years have seen a dearth of studies on the dangerous effects of sugar and, more specifically, sugary drinks. Why, one might wonder, does soda attract so much attention? Indeed, so much interest in the effects…

Could the FDA’s New Added-Sugar Labels Save a Million Lives?

Health & Fitness, News

When it comes to national nutrition guidelines and information, small changes can have enormous consequences for public health. Food and beverage producers are well-aware of this and have fought hard (in many cases successfully) to set their own…

Coke Shuts Down Nutrition Research it Doesn’t Like, Report Finds

Culture, News

We’ve written a lot both here and at Tasteaholics about the sugar industry’s knack for deceiving the public through the decades. This has happened through deceptive advertising, fake grassroots movements, and was recently seen in last year’s big news…

Keto Heroes: Amanda Tysowski


All kinds of personal crises can set a spiraling weight gain in motion. For Amanda Tysowski, it started with a car crash that left her temporarily injured, jobless, stressed, and crumbling under the financial burden of a newly…

The Value in Teaching Kids to See Past Tony the Tiger

Health & Fitness, News

Sometimes all it takes is a little push. For years, junk food and soda companies have been barraging kids with advertisements selling their dangerously sweet and unhealthy products. If you grew up in the ‘90s, it felt all…

In Stunning Victory, Berkeley Tax Cuts Soda Consumption in Half

Culture, News

Soda taxes are still a relatively new phenomenon, as it was only recently that governments were forced to reckon with previously unimaginable rates of obesity and the high costs they incur. The United States is one of the…

Resisting Tax, Big Soda Has a Powerful Hand in Philly Politics

Culture, News

Philadelphia has been thrown back into a battle over the city’s soda tax, proving once more that private interests are capable of driving the issues of concern in local politics. An astounding 40 percent of all the lobbying…

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