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When most people think of cardio, they imagine hours on the treadmill staring at a dry news program. Even if you are an avid runner, extreme temperatures of the winter and summer can make road running a pain. Luckily, there are a ton of fun ways to burn calories that don't require a treadmill! Read on to learn about four of our favorite ways to get your heart pumping– no running required.


Zumba, the Latin dance based cardio workout, made headlines years ago for their fun fitness programs that took the US by storm. Though the craze has died down quite a bit since it was originally introduced, Zumba has expanded their line of workouts to fit a whole new range of workout styles! If you are intimidated by the class setting, Zumba now offers a comprehensive range of easy to follow home workout guides in a massive range of music genres. They have even recently introduced Zumba Gold into their class rotation, which is a lower-impact cardio workout for aging populations or those who are recovering from an injury.


Spinning classes like Soul Cycle have seen a huge uptick in popularity in recent months! This fun workout is guided by an instructor and leads you through a music playlist that you spin on a stationary bicycle along to. With periods of rest and intensity, spinning is a great high-intensity cardio workout that will help you blast your fat!

Working out on a budget this month? Try recreating your own spinning class by turning on your favorite pop song on the bike at the gym, and rotate between speeding through the chorus and recovering during the verses.


Kickboxing isn't just a great way to get your cardio in– it's also an amazing way to tone your arms, legs, and core in a single afternoon! Working out with as self-defense professional is a great workout for beginners who aren't interested in attending a group fitness class, as most gyms have personal trainers who offer one-on-one lessons at reduced costs for members. Kickboxing is also a great way to improve your self-confidence, as well as learn practical self-defense skills that will come in handy should you find yourself in an unsafe situation.


Do you want to get in on the next major cardio craze before it arrives? SkyRobics is a low-impact cardio workout that incorporates the same trampoline training that astronauts at NASA use to prepare for space journeys! Bouncing workouts on trampoline-covered gyms are lead by an instructor, and offer an excellent cardio alternative for those who are recovering from knee or joint injuries!

Getting the right cardio in for your diet will speed up your results, allowing you to see changes on the scale and in the mirror faster. Even if you are at a healthy weight, cardio exercises strengthen your heart, allowing you to live a longer, better, and happier life! Don't discount this fitness style to only running on a treadmill!

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