Whenever someone in the world comes out to share their keto success story, it’s important for us all to celebrate their wins. After all, by knowing that the ketogenic diet is aiding others in weight loss and improved health, it lets us know that the ketogenic efforts can work for us, too.

Two years ago, New Zealander Shannon Anderson, 26, weighed 253 pounds. After following the ketogenic diet for only 12 months, she weighed in at a much healthier 165 pounds.

Nothing Else Worked

The mother of three previously tried other diets, but nothing worked. She had a hard time sticking to anything in the long-term because of the sense of deprivation that other diets caused.

“I never had the willpower to keep going. I was depriving myself of the foods I wanted,” she says.

She’s much happier on the ketogenic diet because she can still eat what she loves while also shedding pounds. The delicious and healthy foods friendly to keto – such as eggs, bacon, and lean meats – helped her enjoy mealtimes without feeling deprived.

Studies show that when a dieter experiences less deprivation in their eating patterns, they are more likely to stick with the diet and lose weight.1 This is perhaps why the ketogenic diet is so successful for many people – they can still eat what they love the most.

All in the family

After trying every diet she could, Anderson noticed that her cousin, who had a similar build, was losing significant weight on the ketogenic diet. She figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot.

Even before Anderson saw the difference in her own weight, her family members noticed that she was shedding pounds and looking healthier by the day. This galvanized them to try the ketogenic diet for themselves. Her husband has since lost 22 pounds, and her grandmother is losing weight as well since starting the ketogenic diet.

“Way more confidence”

The weight loss on the ketogenic diet has given Anderson a boost in energy, self-esteem, and confidence. She reports feeling healthier and feels good that she can set a positive example for her three children.

Studies show that weight loss contributes to improvements in quality of life, including mental health, physical function, self-esteem, improvements in sex life, and increased feelings of energy and vitality.2,3

The Science Behind Keto

Time and again, studies continue to show that the ketogenic diet, or a very low carb diet, is more effective in helping patients achieve weight loss than other diets, such as diets that cut fat intake. People who follow a ketogenic diet are more likely to experience long-term body weight improvements and improved cardiovascular health than people who follow a low-fat diet.4 

The ketogenic diet encourages the body to burn fat, or ketones, instead of sugar for energy. This is achieved by consuming a diet that is high in healthy fats and low in carbohydrates. This puts the body in a metabolic state called ketosis, which is a safe and effective way to shed pounds.

Congratulations to Shannon Anderson for her weight loss! She is an inspiration to us all.


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