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Author - Rebecca McCusker

Love Good Fats Secures Funding and Launches in the U.S.

Current Events, News

Healthy fats are once again making waves as, just under two years after launching, The Good Fat Company is growing and expanding its reach. The Good Fat Company, primarily known for its production of keto-friendly products under the…

Food and Beverage Manufacturers Cut Sugar Quickly


Since the end of the nineties, consumers have been focusing more on their sugar intake. Companies from General Mills to Nestle to Coke have historically taken a slow approach to cutting sugar. If they cut sugars slowly, perhaps…

Are Low-Carb Desserts the Next Big Thing?

Culture, News

Some of us on the keto diet spend all week being perfect keto angels, eating our eggs and avocado, until our cheat day when we can dive into our favorite cheat of choice. Most of us don’t feel…

Low Carb Pizza Restaurant Opens in Waukesha


Husband and wife team Laura and Matt Turk set out to live a healthier lifestyle. They switched to a low-carb diet and ended up losing 130 pounds together. At home, Laura excelled at coming up with custom low-carb…

New Low-Carb Rose Seltzer Is Keto-Friendly

Culture, News

Sometimes when you’re on the keto diet, going out for drinks can be the real challenge. While your buds knock back some carby beers, you have to carefully consider your options. When it comes to drinking on keto,…

New Approach to Weight Loss: Freezing the Hunger Nerve

Current Events, News

What often throws a wrench in our diet plans isn’t our lack of knowledge per se, or the fact that we don’t want to eat healthy foods. The culprit? Our ferocious appetites! Hunger makes us eat too much,…

Can the Ketogenic Diet Make You A Better Athlete?

Health & Fitness, News

In a recent study, researchers wanted to test whether the ketogenic diet improved the athletic abilities of resistance trainers.1 Seven volunteers agreed to follow the ketogenic diet for a period of 12 weeks, while researchers compared them to a…

The Five Types of Clean Label Shoppers

Diet, News

As consumers become more health conscious, shoppers increasingly look for “clean label” foods. These are packaged foods that are naturally made with minimal added ingredients, processing, and typically no chemicals. Consumers are paying attention to whether their food…

Restaurants Around the World Embrace Keto

Culture, News

Restaurants all over the world – from India to Washington to Australia – are following consumer trends and shifting menus to create low-carb food offerings. The Rising Popularity of Keto According to The Pollock Communications and Today’s Dietitian’s…

Sugary Beverages Increase Risk of Death

News, Science

It’s no secret that sugar is disastrous for our health. But a new study conducted by the American Heart Association takes that understanding a step further. Adults over the age of 45 who consume large amounts of sugary…

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