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Do You Have Your KETO BASICS?
GOLD brown sugar alternative
GOLD Sweetener - The best brown sugar alternative!
granular erythritol
Granular Erythritol - Organic 0-carb sweetener that tastes like sugar!
powdered erythritol
Confectioners' Erythritol - Organic and perfect for baking
granular monk fruit erythritol
Monk Fruit + Erythritol - Organic, as sweet as sugar & 100% guilt-free!

Author - Rebecca McCusker

Love Good Fats Secures Funding and Launches in the U.S.

Current Events, News

Healthy fats are once again making waves as, just under two years after launching, The Good Fat Company is growing and expanding its reach. The Good Fat Company, primarily known for its production of keto-friendly products under the…

Food and Beverage Manufacturers Cut Sugar Quickly


Since the end of the nineties, consumers have been focusing more on their sugar intake. Companies from General Mills to Nestle to Coke have historically taken a slow approach to cutting sugar. If they cut sugars slowly, perhaps…

Are Low-Carb Desserts the Next Big Thing?

Culture, News

Some of us on the keto diet spend all week being perfect keto angels, eating our eggs a