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Author - Allison Lee

New Keto-Friendly Coffee Drink

Diet, News

Coffee, justifiably well known for its ability to inspire us out of bed each morning, is a commonly prescribed fix for a quick boost of energy, especially in the keto diet community. Naturally zero-carb, the caffeine boost in coffee…

Where Experts Agree: Cutting Through the Confusion

Diet, Health & Fitness, News

It seems like every time we open an article, change the channel, or tune into the latest advice, there’s a slew of ‘experts’ contradicting one another about what’s best for our overall health. It can be a challenge…

Visualizing Weight Loss: New App Lets You See the Future You

News, Technology

When it comes to setting our weight loss goals, it can be motivating to visualize where we’d like to see ourselves – either by collecting images of our ideal form or setting milestones for body fat percentage or…

Olympic Coach Recommends Going Low-Carb

Health & Fitness, News

When it comes to performance and efficiency, a keto diet may be the best choice – not just for athletes, but for the rest of the population. With over 40 years of experience, Phil Maffetone is an expert…

Left Coast Performance MCT Oil Powder Review

Diet, News

Adding MCT Oil to a ketogenic diet can provide a variety of great benefits to improve energy levels, boost mental focus, and promote weight loss. There are several ways to incorporate MCT Oil into your daily routine, like…

Keto Pre-Workout Drink

Health & Fitness, News

As the popularity of low-carb, high-fat living continues to gain traction, more keto-friendly products are appearing on store shelves. With all the hype around keto living, are these up and coming products just attached to the growing trend?…

Coconut Sugar’s Place in Keto

Diet, News

In a low-carb dieter’s quest for sweet treats, you’re bound to come across the debate regarding the acceptance of coconut sugar as part of a keto lifestyle. While many claim it’s a sound alternative to artificial sweeteners, others…

Seemingly Hopeless Weight Loss Journey Reverses Course With No Sugar

Culture, News

How much sugar do you really eat in one day? Even when making the choice to eat healthily, you could still be consuming an abundance of sugar whether you realize it or not. As one New Zealand mother…

Michelob Announces New Low-Carb, Organic Beer

Current Events, News

We love beer! Of course, many of us also enjoy living a healthy lifestyle – both of which don’t often get along well together. Giving up the idea of sharing a cold one with friends can be quite…

New Keto-Friendly Product: Cali’Flour Pizza Crusts

Current Events, News

Pizza is one of those incredible foods that most of us end up putting out of our minds when we adopt a low carb lifestyle. Sure, there are pizzas for vegetarians, pizzas for vegans, pizzas that are gluten…

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